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"The Sustainable Circus is not your ole yesteryear three ring, big tent circus." Perry Balian, Founder.  The Sustainable Circus is an environmentally twisted, socially inclusive collection of eco-motivated education, science and creativity relating to the sustainability of our planet offering education, sustainability consultant services and sustainable forest adventures in Los Angeles.  We are committed to helping spread facts, news, products and easy practices on sustainable living throughout the world by focusing on educating today’s and future generations on the the basics of simple, sustainable concepts and healthy living. The Sustainable Circus is certain that the show. 

Sustainable Learning Adventures


 We all know that this next generation is not inheriting the best situation in terms of sustainability and the condition of our environment. Many believe that this generation will be faced with critical decisions if we're going to keep this beautiful, miracle of a blue Planet safe for Humans to live, eat See's Candy, go to the movies or play tag. Through hands-on discovery and sustainable adventures in a natural setting, we are fostering a re-connection, both physically and mentally to our natural environment.  One of our main goals is to promote conservation efforts and think creatively about not being wasteful in a fun, conservative and collaborative way. 

Sustainable Curiosity



Curiosity. It’s a trait long associated with imagination and creativity, with the artists, inventors, philosophers, and scientists of the world. More recently, we’ve seen how curiosity drives business and product innovation at companies.   Curiosity | Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany  

“We have shifted our culture from one 

that is engaged in a healthy, interactive, 

imaginative way to one that is inwardly facing, sedentary and expecting 

things to be fed to us.”

'Dr. Michael Rich, Director of the Center of Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston, Associate Professor, Harvard 

Medical School and School of Public Health

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The Sustainable Circus

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Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

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Forest Adventure Play

"Going into nature changes how your brain works; it reduces stress levels and boosts measures of well being", -  David Strayer, a professor of psychology at the University of Utah, who studies cognition and nature.

Discovering The Natural World

“For a child to understand something he must construct it for himself, he must reinvent it … if future individuals are to be formed who are capable of creativity and not simply repetition.”

—Jean Piaget

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Get Out There! 

Download and read the National Wildlife Federation presentation on the benefits of being in nature. 

“According to Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Lab, interviews of all potential candidates 

include questions about their play experiences as children, because they’ve found a direct correlation between hands-on play and superior problem-solving skills."