Baby Steps

As the wise old monk said “every long journey begins with a direction and a step.”  And in this case, maybe some little baby steps to make it easy to get started… 

  • Say NO to straws:  A few years ago I noticed that a lot of your lesser finer dining institutions always provided a straw your drink whether you were in a high chair or rolling in on one of those fancy electric rolling chairs.  And most of the time people don’t even use the straw so sadly it just goes into the trash unopened a little bitty plastic useless tube wrapped in paper straight to the garbage.  Now imagine those for every visitor who visits one of these restaurants day in and day out stacked in a hole somewhere in the ground or even worse tossed out into the ocean.  Over the years that pile is beyond ridiculous and completely unneeded.  Just decline the straw when the waiter puts it down.
  • Martian Mail lists: Get off those unbelievably prolific and relentless junk mail list.  You may ask “How?  these companies are obviously using technology from an advanced culture on a different planet far away because they see everything and are always watching, my mailbox runneth over!  I still get “Baby Beauty” magazines from when my daughter was born and she’s and she just went to her first prom!”  Well, like everything else nowadays there’s a website for that.  Catalog Choice lets you opt out of catalogs you no longer want to receive in the mail. 

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